Our (soon to be) View

We've been working hard to get our tasting room open! The cold box is in. The concrete bar is poured. The brewing pad and trench is done. Currently, it's more likely to be a mid June opening. We are excited to pour beer to the passionate Orange County public! 

Speaking of which, we've had the opportunity to pour at a number of festivals so far this year. The response and reaction from everyone is something we couldn't have expected in our wildest dreams! It looks like people are ready for us to have a permanent place. Thanks to everyone for the incredible support! Please stay tuned for more information! Oh, and go see Captain American: Civil War.

Your Friendly Neighborhood Brewery,


A Huge Thanks...

I want to thank everyone who has been so supportive of us with our first run of beers! We've had an incredible opportunity to meet some amazing people who are gigantic advocates for the craft beer scene in Orange County. I've appreciated meeting the many beer drinkers during events, and telling my story of Unsung Brewing. It's a long journey and we welcome you to tag along!

On the beer front, we recently kegged a fresh batch of Sylvan. We continue to make minor adjustments and tweaks to the style. We used an obscene amount of hops for this batch and I'm proud to say, we have arrived in Dankville! Be on the lookout for Sylvan at your friendly neighborhood watering hole!

Drink Local,


Do I Amuse You?

My wife and I have been enjoying pizza from this establishment for quite some time now. So, you could imagine my excitement when I realized they are HUGE supporters of local craft beer! In fact, the Yorba Linda location only serves beer made in Orange County! I had the opportunity to meet the hard working folks behind the pizza slingin restaurant to discuss beer and pizza. It was a pretty simple conversation. They like our beer and we like their pizza. 

Wise Guys graciously invited us to participate in a "Pint Night" at the Yorba Linda location Tuesday January 26th at 6:00pm! We will be pouring "Buzzman", "Anthia", and our newest addition to the beer family, Propeller Head (kegged today). 

We look forward to meeting the customers who believe beer and pizza are great alone, but even better together! Come out and meet us to learn about our beer and why we love what we do! See you in two weeks for another pint night at the Wise Guys Orange location. Drink Local! Eat Local!


Hidden Friend

I think it was close to 2 years ago when I first met Jon. I had just begun taking the initiative to start a brewery. This consisted of long hours at a computer working on my business plan. I was unemployed and had just completed my brewing certificate from Siebel Tech in Chicago. I'm a creature of habit and to "feel" like I had a place to go for a job, I went to Portola Coffee Lab in Costa Mesa every morning. 

I pretty much kept to myself. I'd get recognized as a regular from some of the staff, but I was very focused on my work. Jon was a barista working the bar. I tend to not talk to people unless I'm spoken to. Jon would always ask, "how was your coffee today?" or "what did you think of the single origin today?". He was passionate about coffee and interested at how he could become a better barista. He took great pride in his art and wanted you to have the greatest coffee experience possible. It wasn't long before I started asking him questions about coffee. I couldn't understand why I loved the coffee so much more than the commercial variety out in the marketplace. Jon's passion for coffee came out of his pores. I learned about sourcing, washed, natural, geisha, blends, latte art, and most importantly, flavor profiles. The flavor profiles was a direct correlation to beer that I was drawn to. Like me with coffee, Jon was also a fan of craft beer. When it was time for him to take his break, he would pull up a chair and we'd geek out over the latest sour beer we tried or the newest single origin variety coffee that was in stock. I appreciated those conversation and Jon became a good friend. 

I was happy to hear when Jon got a job with Hidden House Coffee in San Juan Capistrano as the head roaster. The opportunity sounded like a great one for him to keep progressing in the coffee industry. Even though I wouldn't get to have my usual geek out sessions with him anymore, I was glad to hear he was moving onto bigger and better things. I told Jon we'd keep in touch and I'd give him updates on the brewery. 

I always planned on doing a beer with locally roasted coffee. My discovery into independent roasting made me a fanatic. We brewed our American Amber beer, Propeller-Head, this past Friday. I wanted a certain type of coffee to meld with the roasted malts and citrus hops, so I got ahold of Jon. It was great to see him this morning at the brewery. He brought 5 varietals to do a "cupping" session which consist of brewing a small amount of coffee and evaluating the several nuances the bean has to offer. Jon told me about his recent sourcing trip to Ethiopia and how amazing its been for him to work at Hidden House Coffee. We both agreed that the Columbian variety would be the right choice for this beer. 

I'm grateful that Jon and I were able to come together and create something we both are very passionate about. If you are down in San Juan Capistrano, stop in to Hidden House Coffee and say hello to Jon. I promise he'd be really excited to tell you about his coffee. 

- Mike

Batch No. 7

It’s hard to believe we are brewing our 7th batch of beer today. There were many hurdles leading up to the completion of our production brewing space here in Tustin, but we’re now well on our way!

Ryan and I are getting into a groove, and the equipment is starting to feel at home here in our production lair. We brewed BUZZ MAN today, and were only 1/100th off our target gravity. That beer gets better and better!

More updates on our Anaheim tasting room build-out coming soon...

- Mike