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We strive to craft beer of uncanny flavor and depth that plays well with food. The following lineup reflects a blending of Midwest heritage with West Coast progression.

Style mutant american ale

ABV 5.2%

Taste crisp, sunlight, invigoration



A typical Mid-West weekend warrior, Joe "Buzz Man" Shears sets out one Sunday in summer to mow his overgrown lawn. Without warning, the yard erupts into a snarling tentacled beast of vegetation on a path of destruction. Entangled by the yard, Joe reaches for a blade on his mower, a miraculous magnetism wrenching it into his hands. Slicing through vines with tenacity, Joe prevails. Wiping his brow, Joe flips on the game to enjoy his little slice of suburbia with a much deserved cold one.


This hybrid style is made by fermenting an ale at lager temp, bringing a clean mouthfeel and lager-like clarity. Known as a “CREAM ALE” due to the resilient head that prevails in the glass. A crisp, light, low ABV brew inspired by the”Lawnmower Beers” of the Midwest.

Style india pale ale

ABV 7.5%

Taste pineapple, mango, adaptation



"ANTHIA is any alien scout sent from the jungle planet Lupulus [Apoidea System] to earthen 1978 to find new strains of flora. After an extreme blight erased all life on her home planet, she was rendered a refugee. A humanoid with features similar to earth's pollinating insects, ANTHIA uses her super powers of flight, energy aura, and hyper strength to protect threatened ned habitats in the Americas. She is occasionally spotted hovering through mango groves, spreading pollen and sampling nectar along the way."


With ANTHIA, we set out to create a very dry, clean, and crisp WEST COAST IPA with tropical notes. Taking advantage of a new frontier of hops streaming in from the intergalactic marketplace, we heavily dosed our hop blend towards the end of the boil and generously during the dry hop process.

Style india pale ale

ABV 6.5%

Taste pineapple, grapefruit, dank



"An orphan from Seoul, Ji-yoon Choi was taken in by monks and trained in an ancient form of martial arts. Word of her abilities spread to a bigoted grand master who banished her. Wandering the mountains, she was bitten by a viper, but escaped death. Ji-yoon's DNA was transformed. by the neurotoxins, giving her supernatural speed and the ability to multiply at will. Returning to Seoul wearing a blindfold as a handicap, she steals from the rich to support the poor (especially mothers and children)."


Our holy grail WEST COAST IPA– extracting pineapple hop aroma and unleashing a barrage of floral, papaya, and pineapple grove of flavor on the palate from the 100% Mosaic hops. That said, a good IPA must always be a balanced one, allowing for food to be tasted and enjoyed simultaneously.

Style double india pale ale

ABV 8.4%

Taste magnolia, peach, pine



"An extension of Mother Nature herself, NATURIA manifests as a grove of trees with subtle humanoid features. Her spirt is reborn each millennia through a new human host, the latest via a 9-year old girl named Joanne Cole who was thought to be mute. While sleepwalking through the woods, Cole's aura and expansive emotional intelligence drew NATURIA upwards through the soil to embrace the child with a bevy of roots. NATURIA employs astounding spontaneous growth to entrap enemies or protect allies."


Careful with this DOUBLE WEST COAST IPA! It does not taste like an 8.4% beer, but trust us. This is a new age but classic hop combination of Mosaic and Simcoe hops. We wanted to create a golden color massive hop bomb where the aroma can knock you over and still remain super dry.

Style india pale ale

ABV 6.5%

Taste citric, lemonpeel, lychee



"While working late in the lab at an agri-experiment nation in Orange County, acclaimed chemist Dr. Camila Diaz was assaulted by a spy on the payroll of petrochemical magnet Herbert Goodnight. The thug hastily stabbed Diaz with a syringe loaded with hyper-distilled lemon oil, triggering chemical mutations. She awoke with acidic skin that surges to a stream from her fingertips when angered. Now known as CITRIQUE, she seeks to uncover the dark plot behind her attack."


This WEST COAST IPA pays homage to the favorite American varitial hop, Citra! This hop will fill your senses with citrus, stone fruit, and meyer lemon peel. A great beer to drink with salads and curry dishes.

Style mexican lager

ABV 4.8%

Taste crisp, light, refreshing



"As a young pitcher, Valentino Fernández was an unstoppable force. But alas, injuries happen, life goes on, and childhood dreams fade. Years later, Valentino witnessed a careless driver barreling down on an oblivious pedestrian. Without a conscious thought, Fernández began his windup, a flaming baseball appearing in his palm. The pitch exploded in a brilliant blaze, striking the errant steering wheel, averting disaster. Lumino was born that day, taking the mound once more, seeking to lend a fastball to those in need."


This beer was created to showcase then brilliance of a MEXICAN LAGER. Clean and refreshing to be shared by all sports fans alike. Easily crushable with a few friends tailgating.

Style west coast IPA

ABV 7.2%

Taste citra-mosaic, burst



"Banished from Kepler-186f, this alien castaway is marooned on Earth and solely seeks survival. With a mix of porcupine and Ceratopsian traits, SHATTERSPIKE launches projectile spines that explode once embedded in their target. Trace elements from meteorites provide vital nutrients, this feeble minded creature is always searching for them. Goodnight Industries happens to own mining rights to the largest known supply of the mineral, using it as leverage to employ the creature as a mercenary."


We love hop combinations and combined two of the best with Citra and Mosaic to create this hop bursting WEST COAST IPA. Double dry hopped to provide maximum aroma/flavor oils of peach, magnolia, and citrus goodness. Enjoy SHATTERSPIKE to help tame the hop beast within.

Style italian pilsner

ABV 5.0%

Taste crisp, floral, honey



"Captured as a child and forced into slavery, ENZO was torn from his family and idyllic life in the Sicilian countryside. Hard labor would sculpt this boy into a man, and a deadly clash with a guard led to his current fate - he would fight for the entertainment of others in the great coliseum of Roma. With savage tenacity, ENZO has gradually become the most feared gladiator of th arena, loved by spectators and feared by opponents for ferocious facility with a blade. ENZO displays the Trinacria emblem on his shield to honor his homeland of Sicily."


Called an ITALIAN PILSNER by using a base malt grown and cultivated outside of Venice near the Adriatic Sea, the malt character can be described as almost honey bread. The beer is heavily hopped with older, noble styles to give a pungent floral and fresh green aroma. The finish is a clean balance of light bready malt and sturdy floral hop flavor.

Style bohemian pilsner

ABV 4.5%

Taste regal, pristine, glory

Vater Von Pils


"Vater von Pils is an anomaly - a throwback brute with supernatural strength, a massive mash-rake and kevlar lederhosen. Vater roams the Alps, assisting in the despotic assault of Goodnight Industries on rare ore buried within the mountains. His wintery cold breath freezes foes foolish enough to stand in his way. Vater is inspired by legendary Bavarian brewer Josef Groll (the father of the pilsner style), who took the world by cold fermented storm with his first batch of clear golden pale lager in 1842."


Vater von Pils stays true to tradition with a clean malt backbone, sturdy Saaz hops & a crispy finish. This BOHEMIAN PILSNER should be enjoyed with bratwurst at backyard BBQ's or on snowy ski slopes.